Must-Have Summer Accessory: Backpacks

By Krystal Richmond

Sometimes, a purse just isn’t enough, especially when you’re running around, exploring every corner of the city. This summer, sensible shoes aren’t the only things you need to have; the most important accessory for all your outdoor adventures is definitely a backpack.

Totes had their moment, but let’s be honest, they hurt like hell and they often get in the way. Crossbody bags were also crazy popular, but they limit the amount of things you can carry around with you, which is super inconvenient, because sometimes you need to carry more than just your phone and your keys.

Backpacks are, of course, the best choice to carry your textbooks around campus, but they’re just as appropriate for any other outing. Mainly because of their hands-free nature, they’re the perfect summer bag. Since becoming trendy again this past fall, backpacks are available in so many styles and are suitable for everyone’s taste and budget.

minimal.jpgZara, ASOS

If you’re worried about looking childish, choose a sleeker, more minimal style backpack. This is ultimate option to give you both a high level of style and practicality without sacrificing one or the other. If one or two pockets are all you need, you can never go wrong here.

adventure.jpgUrban Outfitters, Urban Outfitters

If you’re quite the adventurer, you’re probably looking for a more durable backpack. Fjallraven and Baggu bags are known to be great quality and are guaranteed to hold everything you’ll need it to. They’re on the pricey side of the spectrum, but worth it.

traditional.jpgASOS, ASOS

A traditional backpack with a twist is always fun. They’re practical enough for your everyday, grab-and-go use but not at all boring. Interesting materials like mesh, and fun colors or graphics are what make the traditional backpack hard to ignore.

Hang up your tote and start carrying a backpack; your shoulders will thank you. You’ll never leave home unprepared, and you’ll no longer have to think twice about what you should bring with you.

One comment

  1. Krystal,
    I really enjoyed reading this article. Being a bag lover myself, I was very intrigued while reading this article. I’m traveling to Rome this summer so this article was perfect for me since I am going to be running around and going to need a backpack. I definitely am going to check out each bag you featured in the article!

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