Preakness Infield Fashion

by Alexa DePerro

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But one thing when life gives you rain at a horse race, forgo your cute wedges and Lilly dress and wear rain boots.

As a first-time attendee of a prestigious horse race and a Design & Merchandising major, I was most excited to see the fashion worn at the 141st Preakness Stakes. However, to my surprise and definitely because of the weather, the gentlemen definitely took home best dressed over the women. Here are my three top picks!

  1. The Polo-Lilly Pants

After a quick first glance, I honestly thought this man was wearing Lilly Pulitzer pants but I didn’t think that Lilly Pulitzer made menswear. With a little courage, I went up to him and asked him, what brand are your pants? And to my surprise, he answered, “Polo.” I then saw another man wearing what looked like Lilly Pulitzer inspired printed pants that were the same fit and style as the other. Although I still can’t find either or anywhere online to confirm that they are Polo, these two pairs of pants are hands down my favorite pants that I saw all day!

2. The Plaid Suit


There was no way to miss this suit! Not only was he wearing a bright red plaid blazer but his pants also matched. Although he looked like he was wearing a Christmas suit, I totally appreciated it.

3. Way to Work Around the Rain!

This lady definitely reflected my expectations of what I was hoping to see at a horse race. Not only did she not let the rain stop her, but she embraced it by decorating her rain boots to match her perfect outfit! Her look was my favorite of the day!

Next year, I am hoping to get a glimpse outside of the infield to really observe the fashion at a horse race!


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