Rihanna x Dior

By Casey Nyhus

A few years back, Rihanna designed her first collection for River Island, which was a huge deal in the street style world. At the time, Rihanna was starting to become a rising style icon, in addition to already being a very prominent female icon in the R&B and hip-hop industry. Every fashion blogger and fanatic already wanted to recreate her laid back and innovative style, so naturally, this collection sold very successfully. When she collaborated with Puma for Fenty by Puma, the shoe styles sold out in minutes.

After having so much success in the fashion industry, it’s no surprise that a major fashion house chose her to collaborate with. Rihanna is now designing for House of Dior for a line of sunglasses that are being sold for $840 a pair. The styles are extremely futuristic and unique, making them instantly recognizable, similarly to that of the popular So Real styles that Dior has been selling since last year.

Dior doesn’t normally collaborate with celebrities or other brands, so this is definitely a step in a different direction for the company. However, the collection is going to maintain the same quality and price range as normal merchandise would, which is important for Dior to not ruin their brand integrity by putting a celebrity endorsement on it for sales.

As if this collaboration isn’t enough of a success, she is launching a full cosmetic line with Fenty Beauty in the fall of 2017. After the success of her last collection with MAC, this collection is most likely going to generate a lot of sales for the company.

In my opinion, Rihanna is probably one of the most successful celebrities when it comes to collaborating with retailers. She has maintained her own brand integrity in her endorsements, as well as that of the companies she’s chosen to pair up with.


One comment

  1. Casey,
    This article was very interesting and very well-written. Recently, Rihanna has been working with a lot of different designers but her collection with Dior is one of my favorite. I also love the Puma Collection. Rihanna always has so much success collaborating and it was very cool to read this article about her different collaborations!

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