Summer Swimsuit Trend: One-Pieces

By Krystal Richmond

According to the rising temperatures and the first extended weekend, summer is coming! Since most of our summer will be spent inside classrooms, it only makes sense to cherish the weekends like they are gifts. What summer is complete without a weekend trip to the beach or a couple lazy afternoons at the pool? Time to break out the swimsuits!

If you challenged yourself to get the perfect abs, but fell short, don’t sweat it. Say good-bye to your bikinis and hello, again, to the good ole one-piece! Long gone are the days where you have to hunt to find the perfect two-piece ensemble. One-piece swimsuits are, undoubtedly, the most wearable swimsuits available; they come in all shapes, sizes and styles and are suitable for just about any body type.

This summer, everyone is planning to channel his or her inner Pam Anderson with his or her choice of swimwear. People can’t seem to get enough of the super high-cut style that was made popular by the 80s TV show Baywatch.

1.jpgUrban Outfitters, Forever 21

Let your swimsuit do the talking (literally) with a graphic one-piece. You can choose from many different slogans or words to express your current #MOOD. Aside from words, prints and patterns always make for a fun look.


Not to be confused with monokinis, cut out one-pieces are much more forgiving. Whereas monokinis look like bikinis that needed a little extra to hold it together, cut out one pieces are more natural and not as drastic.

4.jpgMissguided, Nordstrom

Plunging necklines and deep back cutouts are always popular cuts for bodysuits and there is no difference for swimsuits. If you feel too covered up in a one-piece, this is an option you can explore. The idea of a deep back cut out is simply to give you a little extra in the back. Plunging necklines can help show off (or even create) a bit of cleavage and allow you to show off just enough, or even a little extra.

3.jpgNastygal, ASOS

On the reverse, a high or halter neckline is just as dreamy. If you don’t want to show off much of your cleavage and you aren’t too worried about the tan lines, this style may be the one for you.

Whether you need one more swimsuit to add to your lineup or you just want one to get you through the little bit of summer we have, a one piece will never steer you in the wrong direction.



  1. I am so happy that one pieces are coming back in! I’m glad someone else took notice too, I feel like the older I get, the more modest I want to be dressing. I’ve started getting so uncomfortable in bikinis, you’re just so naked! After reading this, I’m dreaming about the perfect one piece for my summer beach trips!

  2. I absolutely love one pieces right now, I just bought two new ones for the summer season! Wearing a one piece makes me feel more comfortable on the beach so I am happy they are on trend this year!

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