Art, Feminism, and Social Media

Gabrielle Richardson

Being a young female artist is hard. Our work is constantly discredited and far too often we are overlooked in favor of our male counterparts. With social media, many young female artists are given a platform to showcase their work and have it reach a large audience. As a culture we are steadily moving away from needing galleries and physical spaces to have artwork be validated, now in order for a young artist to become popular sometimes all they need is their work and an Instagram. Below are a few very popular feminist artists who have staked their claim in the art world using social media as a tool.

MITHSUCA BERRY  ( IG: foxyfries)

At 16 years old Mithsuca Berry has amassed over 25 thousand followers on Instagram showcasing her art. Her work has been featured in Teen Vogue, Rookie, and the CR Fashion Book.


POLLY NOR (IG: pollynor)

Polly Nor is a 20 something year old artist based in West London who has made her start on Instagram and has amassed over 75 thousand followers. Her work has been featured on Vice, Dazed, and Complex as well as many galleries in both London and New York.


AYQA KHAN (IG: ayqakhan)

Ayqa Khan is a digital artist based in Brooklyn who also had her start on the internet. Her work has been featured on Vice, Dazed, and Rookie.




  1. Awesome article! I can not agree with you more on every statement you have made. It is still an adversity for females everywhere- of all ages, race, profession, cultures- to make it in this world when the male counterpart is still, in the 21st century, running the equation. Social Media as you said as a platform is definitely changing the game, but only time will tell how much it will change it. Well done!

  2. Social media is a great way for people to share who they are with the world! The fact that these artists are young, and are using social media to their advantage is really great. It shows that when used correctly, social media can be a great tool.

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