Kylie Cosmetics: No Quality Control?

By Casey Nyhus


In recent years, Kylie Jenner has climbed her way to the top of the celebrity food chain and made herself a major and very controversial icon in beauty, fashion, and pop culture. She’s built such a high profile that her every move causes controversy in the media and impacts almost every teen girl who has an Instagram account.

A few months ago, Kylie took advantage of this cultural prominence and started her own business, Kylie Cosmetics. While she is known for the cosmetic surgery that she’s had done on her lips, she took this reputation and intelligently used it to market the Kylie Lip Kit, her lipstick line released back in November of 2015.

On the release date, her first batch of lipsticks were sold out in less than thirty minutes. To my surprise, the cosmetics turned out to be of pretty decent quality, which encouraged others to buy the next batch when they were back in stock. Even celebrity makeup artists started using her cosmetics on high profile celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Olivia Munn, and Lily Aldridge.

Kylie has since received much praise for her work as a business woman in the beauty world. As a result, she continued to grow her cosmetic line to not only lipsticks, but glosses as well. However, this past week, the first batch of her sold out and very anticipated line of lip glosses were received by makeup lovers everywhere, including Jeffree Star.


Jeffree Star is a very well-known and revered makeup artist and entrepreneur, who’s cosmetic line is known to be both affordable and of exceptional quality. This past week, Star received these new lip glosses and filmed the reaction people were having everywhere, which was definitely not a positive one.

On snapchat, Jeffree Star filmed the unpacking of the new glosses and demonstrates how poor of quality they actually are. Star then goes onto say that “a a multimillion dollar celebrity” should not think that this was acceptable and should be more concerned with quality control.


As a student studying product development as a part of my major, I completely agreed with Star. If someone so new to the beauty world, who has indefinite resources to provide quality merchandise, wants to be taken seriously as a quality brand, then their product not only has to be attractive, but also has to be of good quality and functionality. A product could be the most attractive on the market, but if it does not work well and prove to be worth buying, then the company will suffer and lose a significant portion of their customer pool, even if the issue is eventually fixed.

After all of this controversy, Kylie went to make amends on her social media accounts and apologized for the poor quality of the wand of her products. She promised a refurbished design in the next batch of the glosses, as well as sending fixed ones to the disappointed customers who already received them. This was a very smart – not to mention, expensive – move on her part. However, if she wants to be taken seriously as an entrepreneur and beauty professional in the future, mistakes like this can definitely not happen again.



  1. Wow! This post was very informative and interesting. I have a variety of friends who have tried the lip kits and have loved them. I was always skeptical about her new presence in the business and cosmetic industries because I have always viewed her as a celebrity that was known for her name. It is nice that people have finally begun to uncover the truth behind her products.

  2. Personally, I think people are harsher on Kylie’s Cosmetics more than any other brands on the market, mostly because Kylie herself is so popular and controversial. Colourpop was recently backlashed for giving darker concealer shades with offensive names, Jeffrey Star Cosmetics dropped 3000 King Tut Highlighters and the highlighters arrived at customers’ house broken. Due to this, I believe as long as Kylie continues to try and improve her cosmetic line and listen to her consumers, she should be given encouragement and advice instead of unnecessarily harsh judgement.

  3. I feel that this post was very interesting. I was impressed when I read that Kylie turned a negative situation into a positive one, by creating a cosmetic line. I feel that the criticism Kylie received concerning her lip kits is only going to improve her business and help her grow stronger. I fully agree with Casey. When an entrepreneur owns a business, the products need to not, only be appealing but also be of good quality. Satisfying customers is the key to running a successful business. Since Kylie has apologized and has promised to give a new wand to disappointed customers, her business should continue to grow. She is coming out with a fall lip kit line, so I know she must be back on her feet.

  4. Granted Kylie’s lip kit launch was successful because of her fan base, it seems in my personal opinion that she does want her brand to be successful based on the product and its quality. She spends a lot of time catering to her fans when it comes to her beauty line, Kylie Cosmetics. I think because she is so young and controversial in beauty, fashion, and pop culture that she does want to be taken seriously with her own brand. I personally love Kylie Cosmetics line, the lip kits are of very good quality. It’s always hard to establish your own brand and name when you’re born and grown up in such a famous family, it’s not always easy and I think at 19 she is trying to create her own identity and brand within her family.

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