Summer’s Top Trends to Adopt & Retire

By: Colby Shulick

Keeping track of each season’s trends is extremely hard because they are always changing so much.  There is so much thought put into a trend and the trend could be the biggest thing but you could hate it.  It’s extremely important to know which trends are still in and which are out.

Here are the trends you are going to want to adopt this summer and the ones you are going to want to retire. Adopt robe jackets, statement denim, satin, and slippers and slides.  Retire colored jeans, emoji prints, and elastic ballet flats.

It’s essential to know which trends are in and out to keep up with the latest news.  Trends are so fast-moving that it could be in for a month and then over with.  The summer trends you want to adopt are definitely going to be a key to your wardrobe.

Robe jackets combine the lingerie feel with daywear.  They are definitely going to be a staple for this summer’s look.  Statement denim is a huge look with frayed bottoms and misplaced pockets.  Slippers and slides also tap into the new lingerie trend.  Satin is definitely starting to become big since it’s a perfect match for dresses this summer.




  1. Thanks for this article, I am really getting into the robe trend since it is going to be huge this summer. As for slides, I’ve been lusting over the gucci loafers!

  2. Colby, I loved this article. Sometimes it is hard to decipher what really is trending and if everyone actually likes that trend. I love almost all the items you listed in items to “adopt”. I am obsessed with robe jackets and statement denim. You can’t go wrong with either purchase! Great article.

  3. Colby,

    I really enjoyed your article. I feel readers who love fashion have helpful tips on what to wear in the summer and any season overall. I also thought adding the pictures was helpful so I can refer to it and look for a red dress just like the one you posted. You also helped me have a better understanding of what trends are. Loved reading!

  4. Hi Colby,

    This article is a perfect representation of how people should be preparing for the seasons. Your opinion on what is going to be in and what is going to be out is very accurate. Right now, robe style coats are very in and so are denim jackets. Everyone is wearing them! Thank you for the helpful tips on what to wear and the pictures that go along with it.

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