The Item Every Store is Selling Out Of

By: Colby Shulick

Back in the 80’s, jean skirts were a huge thing.  The trend declined and now we are seeing more and more of jean skirts.  Whether its celebrities or fashion bloggers wearing them, they are making a come back.

Selena Gomez made a statement in Vetements’ demim skirt and ever since then we are seeing more of this trend. Denim skirts are definitely a hot item this season.  You can dress them up or dress them down.  They come in all different lengths and different styles. The patched denim skirt is becoming trendy as well.

You should definitely invest in a denim skirt for the upcoming summer season if you haven’t already done so.  This trend is blowing up and is a great way to bring back the 80’s look.  Whether you want to spend $200 for a designer skirt or get a knock-off at a lower priced store, you can find them anywhere.  You can find your jean skirt anywhere from J-Brand and Frame to Zara and H&M.








Founded in 2017 by Colby Shulick, HeWoreWhat covers the stuff college guys really want to know about – clothes. Okay, not all men, and not all college guys care about how they look. Most just roll out of bed and find whatever is clean and throw it on. But then there are some who enjoy fashion. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Growing up with both parents in the fashion industry, and now a design and merchandising major, I created HeWoreWhat as a way to provide college men with the newest and hottest trends, fashion advice, and men’s style information. This blog offers honest and relatable content for any college guy interested in fashion. I started HeWoreWhat because I believe that style is more than what clothes you wear. Style is more than the simple jeans and t-shirt you throw on. Style is about you, your interests, your pursuits. I love fashion. More importantly, I love clothes and how an outfit can really define and describe you. All you guys out there must be thinking, am I really going to take fashion advice from a girl? If it had to be any girl, it should be me. The girl who lives and breathes fashion, the girl who scrolls through fashion blogs instead of Instagram, and the girl who wanted to create a place for college men to truly appreciate fashion. I want HeWoreWhat to be the thing you read when you wake up and the thing you read before you go to sleep. I want it to be a guide for all the college guys out there who want to know the newest trend and the biggest sale going on. I want it to be something that you can love and trust. So keep on reading and give me a chance…


  1. I have been so into the denim skirt lately that i bought 2 last week! Another place I go to seek out denim skirts is the thrift store. They have a good selection of vintage denim, definitely a must try.

  2. I love when past trends come back into style! Denim skirts have definitely become one of my favorites; I started buying them earlier this year because I knew once summer time rolled around, they would be harder to find!

  3. I love jean skirts. These garments can fit any kind of style. And jean skirts are not only hot in summer, but also popular in spring and fall term. I think I should buy one before the fall term arrives. It will probably give me a new look in fall.

  4. When I found a classic denim mini skirt, (that actually fit my curves), in Forever 21 I was elated. I’ve been searching for one everywhere, but they are a tricky fit. Either they are too tight, or not tight enough; due to the fact that most vintage style denim skirts have no stretch. Whenever I find denim skirts with stretch they look tacky, but essentially that’s what curvy girls have to choose. Thankfully, I found denim skirts in Forever 21 and brought one in every color.

  5. I have always wanted a jean skirt and I was more than happy to have finally acquired one over the summer from H&M. I love that this trend has come back because it gives me an opportunity to wear my new skirt. This is definitely a garment that you can make work year round.

  6. I love my denim skirt that I have! It has been near essential, they are very cute and easy to wear. I love how they can fit everybody type and make everyone feel good about their body. They can be tough to find a good one, but once you find a good denim skirt, snatch it!

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