Under the Radar Jewelry Brands to Know

By: Colby Shulick

Finding new jewelry brands can be a difficult thing.  We usually just rely on trends we see or the brands we grew up knowing. Some of the pieces passed down from our parents can be hard to wear in our everyday look. The jewelry world is becoming more of a trend and there are so many unknown lines that are truly amazing.

After researching, I found a bunch of lines that were both affordable and trendy. Each collection offers something different but they all still have that classy look to them.  Some of the pieces are more showy than others, but they are all amazing pieces.  Here is a list of who we’re calling the next big thing.

  1. Cold Picnicthis line has items from mismatched earrings to cutout rings that speak to the designer’s style. This line is full of creativity and has a custom feel.
  2. Faris: Designed by Faris Du Graf, this line offers unique geometric designs. Every handmade piece stands out in it’s own way. From fringe to ring sculptures, this collection is definitely one to check out.
  3. Highlow: This collection is focused on cool, art-focused jewelry. Designed by Sonya Gallardo, she evolved this collection from experimentation. She uses simple designs and expands it into a cool shape.
  4. Hortense: This line has so much fun and detail into each piece. From flirty rings to paper clip inspired earrings, this collection is the answer to a modern girl’s wardrobe.
  5. Hannah: Inspired from the 70’s, these mood rings are the perfect trend piece to add with a pair of flare jeans. Each ring is handcrafted and different in it’s own way.
  6. Still House: This line uses geometric shapes and cuts that help its pieces stand out from the crowd. There are small details added to each design which makes each piece so unique.

All of these lines are very underrated but have the potential to become something huge. Each collection is so different and unique and I would definitely recommend checking them out.




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