Faux Real

By Samantha Ardizzone

Hello October! This month basically embodies fall. The leaves turn color, the weather is crisp without being too cold, and of course, Halloween.

Fall comes with a million excuses to fill up your closet with new stuff. A staple piece each season is the leather jacket. Ask any stylish girl, and she will admit fall weather makes her reach for that trusted moto jacket. The leather jacket is a timeless trend that always manages to look fresh, season after season. From motorcycle styles to sleek refined jackets, leather can be cut in many ways. Leather jackets can get really expensive, especially if they’re real leather. If you’re looking for a leather jacket, minus the actual leather, this is the right article to read!

Here are some fake leather jackets that you need in your life this fall.

  1. A classic bomber jacket from Urban Outfitters for $119.


2. The quilted look from ASOS.com for $79.00.


3. The grained leather look from H&M for $59.99.


4. The collarless jacket from Free People $168.


5. The oversized boyfriend-fit jacket from Urban Outfitters for $149.00.




  1. Faux designs are becoming extremely trendy. More and more people and consumers are being more conscious of the products they are buying. I think it’s extremely important that even in the fashion industry designers pay attention to using humane ways to create their designs. I also think the variety of leather jackets they are creating is awesome because there are so many different styles that can be adopted by this fashion staple.

  2. I love the quilted leather jacket from Asos! Leather jackets are such a good staple for fall because they go with so much! I love how there were different types of jackets shown because they each fit in with a slightly different style.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this article. It not only let me know that leather jackets are coming back for another year, but it also gave me suggestions on where to buy one! Each jacket has a different style which can make this article easy for many people to relate to.

  4. Based on my observations on campus, I see a lot of girls wearing leather jackets! They’re trendy, easy-to-style, and a good alternative from real leather. Leather jackets are good for this time of year because it has been generally chilly in the morning and warm during the day. A leather jacket is perfect because it isn’t too heavy, but it’s warm enough for the weather right now. It’s good that the market offers humane treatment with clothing like the faux leather jacket. Recently, customers have been conscious of what they’re wearing and what it’s being made of.

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