Gifts for the Men in Your Life

By Megan Robles

If you’ve ever shopped for a man in your life, whether it be that special someone or your dad, the struggle is so entirely real when it comes to finding the perfect gift. They seem to have it so easy, just get a girl a piece of jewelry and you’re on your way, but shopping for men can be so frustrating when they don’t tell you what they want. Don’t be boring and give them a basic gift card, surprise them with one of these sure to please gift ideas.

  1. The new FIFA 17 video game for XBOX 360 ($50)


2. Nixon Watch ($275 at

3. Monogrammed Wallet ($42+ at


4. Sports Tickets


5. Beats by Dr. Dre ($139 at Walmart)


6. Toiletry Bag ($67 at 


7. Cologne (Side note: This way you have a say in how good they smell which is a perk.)


8. Slippers ($22 at



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