Is Under-boob the New Cleavage?

By C. Gress

After the trend of deep-v tops that took traditional cleavage and introduced the world to the side-boob , it seemed that fashion could go no further. However, during fashion month, it seemed that the newest trend was the under-boob.

With a resurgence of past fashion choices (chokers, bell bottoms, bomber jackets) it is no surprise that 2002 Christina Aguilara is trending with her under-boob. Designers ranging from Alexander Wang to Yeezy have all shown the trend on the Spring 17′ runway. Models like the Jenner and Hadid sisters and a variety of celebs are all supporters of the trend, posting images on their Instagrams all promoting the new cleavage.

Alexander Wang Spring 2017
Bella Hadid rocking the under-boob on her Instagram.
YEEZY Season 4

The trend, as it should in the days of fast fashion, has trickled to the masses. It has made its way off of the runways and celebrity Instagrams and into the streets and college campuses. It will only be a matter of weeks before you see crop tops that support the under-boob in stores, take my word for it.



  1. I think under-boob will be accepted widely this year. I like Alexander Wang’s design. I think the bandage style will spread widely also because lots of bandage styles have shown in 2017 runways show.

  2. The under-boob trend focuses on a very private part of a woman’s body, yet by showing only a part of it really creates this mysterious yet sexy vibe to the look. However, just like any trend, the choice of patterns and designs can make a trend quickly goes from classy to trashy. That being said, I think the under-boob trend emerges at a very appropriate time as this generation is slowly becoming more open-minded and the movement to free women’s body is being widely supported. Therefore, a trend like this really uplifts the image of a woman’s private part and make it high-fashioned while also empowers the “Free the nipple” movement.

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