Wine-The Allergy You Didn’t Know You Had

By: Sam Clifford


Signs that you may in fact have a wine allergy

We have all heard of the benefits that drinking wine can have, and for wine lovers that’s great news. But have you ever stopped to think that maybe you have a wine allergy or intolerance? The craziest part about this allergy is that most people don’t even realize they are suffering from it.

The exact cause of wine allergies is unknown. Some people are allergic to the sulfides in the wine but that is a very low number, approximately 1 percent. Scientists have speculated but because there are so many additives they haven’t been able to quite pin down the exact cause of most people’s allergies.

About 4 years ago, there was a study conducted in Germany and about 25 percent of the people who participated reported have some sort of reaction to wine. So how do you know if you are allergic to wine?  Here are some signs you should look out for.

Red face or Rash


Who doesn’t love a glass of wine with dinner when you’re unwinding from a long day? It complements different foods and tastes great, but if after a glass or two you notice that your face is flushed and you have an itchy rash it isn’t necessarily just a normal side effect of drinking alcohol, this is a sign that you may be having a reaction to the wine.

Headache or nausea


Do you start getting a headache or feeling nauseous while drinking your glass of wine? This is not a hangover kicking in early! When your body is fighting an allergy it can cause you to feel sick, much like you do when you are hung over. These symptoms can even carry into the next day.


Racing heart or Shortness of breath


These symptoms can be very serious depending on the severity of the allergy but for most people with a slight allergy this may not even be something that people associate with the fact that they are drinking wine. If, the next time you drink wine you find that you have an increased heart rate or your coughing a lot you might in fact be allergic.

Cold like Symptoms


Like any other allergy, if you are allergic to wine you could experience cold like symptoms such as runny nose or sore throat. So, if you notice that you suddenly have the sniffles it could be from your drink.


So now that you know this information what should you do if you are allergic? Well you can always just stop drinking wine; however, this is not the most attractive solution, but if your symptoms are server enough is a glass of wine worth the agony? Absolutely not! If you read through the list and noticed that you did have the symptoms but they were manageable then go for it, enjoy that glass of wine but at least now you know why you look like Santa after a glass or two.


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