Peace Out, Vine.

This week a popular social media network that is given credit for providing a good amount of people their gateway to fame has been shut down for good. Vine was a video-sharing app that was used to mix clips together and create them into a loop that plays over and over again. The free app in Apple’s App Store was synched with Twitter who just recently announced in October of 2016 that Vine has come to an end. They decided to take the company in a new direction starting in January of 2017 which is now called Vine Camera. It will synch with Twitter to post the looped videos directly to one’s Twitter timeline or to just save in your camera roll.

Not surprising, many of Vine’s original fans and avid users were not happy to see this app reach its ending point. The app is notifying users that they should save their Vine videos before it’s too late. Many people we see on social media now can credit their fame due to their Vine videos. For example, singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes the sixteen year old from Canada who got his start posting original material on Vine with 3.4 million followers and is now someone with a record deal and easily found on iTunes and has even had the chance to perform on Saturday Night Live. There is also Cameron Dallas who would simply post funny videos earning himself 6.4 million followers and now his own Netflix show thanks to the app. Since then, he’s also had a modeling campaign for Calvin Klein, mentioned on Brittany Furlan, having 8 million followers, became the most popular female star on the app and since then is receiving her own comedy show with will be produced by Seth Green.


Thanks to Vine we have been introduced to so many personalities that have since then received amazing opportunities, and even those who simply enjoyed the app to post funny or interesting looped videos for fun are sad to see it go. It was the app that you could find yourself scrolling and scrolling and laughing and laughing endlessly thanks to all the people who were just themselves and posted their videos for all to see. Although people are sad to see it go, I’m sure whatever Twitter has up their sleeve for the new app won’t be too disappointing.


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