Silence The Shame

By Christina Frantz

With all the body shaming happening in society, it just seems that no one, especially women, can escape the pain, not even Lady Gaga. The talented performer put on a remarkable Superbowl 51 Halftime Show that left fans in awe, but the rest disgusted. Articles have surfaced since exclaiming that Gaga’s stomach pouch was distracting from her performance and left many saying she did not have the acceptable body to be wearing such a scandalous outfit.

Many of her fans fought back and tweeted comments like “Lady Gaga’s body is the perfect amount of realistic-I’m-in-great-shape-and-not-anorexic. Great role model for young women. #superbowl” @iamsamlim, and “Guys making fun of Lady Gaga’s “muffin top” is the reason why girls have so many body image issues” @alexamorgan. After all she did put on a spectacular performance and did not lip sync and somehow danced around the entire stage without losing her breath. If that doesn’t say she is in great shape, I don’t know what does.

Lady Gaga’s imperfect stomach reminded us all that she is a confident, successful artist and gave women everywhere the courage and reassurance that our bodies do not have to be perfect, that we do not have to change just because society says we need to look a certain way. Keep on loving yourself and remember that even the most beautiful women get ridiculed.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 8.44.22 PM.png


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