Astonishing Icelandic Footwear

By: Alphonso McClendon

KronKron is an astonishing boutique in Reykjavik, Iceland with footwear that is whimsical, textural, and color infused. According to the owners and design duo Hugrún Árnadóttir and Magni Þorsteinsson, “they aren’t limited by trends or seasons but the spirit of Kron by KRONKRON is timeless and above all feminine. All collections are made to mix and match previous collections, making the design easily collectable and timeless.” A stroll through the store with its color soaked walls, floors, and fixtures conjures up the 1940s style of Joan Crawford in Mildred Pierce and Rosalind Russell in His Girl Friday. Hanging mannequin forms showcase sculptural dresses and ensembles that complement the shoes. Both the footwear and apparel are collector’s pieces for one time wear followed by display for inspiration. KronKron paints the chilly landscape of Iceland with vivid color and texture. This store provides visual merchandising answers for retailers struggling with providing an in-store experience and satisfying a buy-now-wear-now consumer.

IMG_2512  IMG_2514  IMG_2516

Laugavegi 63B
Reykjavik 101 Island



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