Music Matters

By Erica Barry

Fashion shows are known for their breathtaking garments and well-known designers and models. But there is one variable that is often overlooked and overshadowed: the music. The beat, tempo, tone, and instrumentation are just some of the considerations that go into finding the perfect song for a collection. The music can make or break a show. If it has a strange beat the models won’t be able to walk to it. If the tone of the song doesn’t match the tone of the collection the audience will be confused and won’t be paying attention to the clothes. The song for an experimental show will be very different from the song for an eveningwear show. The difference could be electronic music versus classical, instrumental versus with words. Designers go through dozens of songs searching for the right fit, changing their minds again and again.  Some shows even have live music and performers, like the annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

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The music is just as important for Drexel’s Fashion Show. Each senior takes the time to weed through their list of songs to find the one that complements their collection. Keep an ear out for the songs choices at this year’s show, and listen at how the music enhances the collections and the overall experience at the fashion show.


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