Planning Drexel’s Fashion Show 2017

By: Samantha Ardizzone

This spring will be Drexel University’s Antionette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design’s annual fashion show. The fashion show will take place on June 4 at Urban Outfitters Headquarters and will showcase senior and graduate collections for the Fashion Design program. Collections will include evening wear, sportswear, swimwear, mens and womenswear, children’s wear and lingerie.

My name is Samantha Ardizzone and I am a senior Design and Merchandising student helping plan this year’s show. This blog post will tell a little bit about what it’s like to plan the Drexel Fashion Show. I have had some event planning experience in the past and I know that this class will teach me a lot and give me hands-on work with planning this show. I will help hire professional models, boost ticket sales, increase marketing and promotion, advertising sales, music and choreography and work closely with the Fashion Design students. In our previous class, we had a hair and make-up demo by Diane Dugan, which was very exciting because each student in the class has a say on what the final look will look like.

Something that I am looking forward to is the PR and advertising for the Fashion Show. I will be helping our PR chair with filming and creating short video clips about the designers and their collections. We will be posting these on Instagram, Facebook and other social media accounts. PR and marketing is an important part of any event because it can help boost ticket sales and attendance. People will be able to learn more information about an event and by telling their friends, more and more people will attend. There is a lot more that goes into planning this show than you may think. We are all very excited to produce an amazing show!

Since this is only the second week of classes, we still have a lot on our schedule to plan. I am very excited to plan, manage and execute all phases of the Fashion Show! Hope to see you all there!!


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