Get to Know the Designers

Today was our first meeting with the designers of the Spring term! It was super exciting because we are finally starting to get the ball rolling for planning the Fashion Show. It is only the start of the term and the design and merchandising students will be attending many more meetings such as the model go see, pre-selection and judging.

Meeting with the designers is a really cool way to learn about their collections and how they want them showcased at the show. Each of the designers has their own unique collections including evening wear, sportswear, swimwear, menswear, women’s wear, children’s wear and lingerie. Whether they are into detailed or simple garments or bright or neutral colors, each and every piece is unique and represents their personal style. The fashion designers have worked extremely hard in sketching designs, selecting fabrics and patterns and putting together their pieces to create a beautiful collection. Personally, I find it so interesting to hear about designer’s inspirations and why they made certain decisions in their garments. Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything. Having such creative minds, designers use their inspirations to help with colors, shapes, sizes and perspective.

We are planning the Drexel Fashion Show to showcase the senior’s collections for all friends and family to see. As students planning the show, we must respect the designer’s vision, know fashion history, do a lot of PR and marketing and be organized. Each designer will choose music for their collection to show how they want their pieces to “sound.” Friends and family who attend the show will be able to see all of the hard work that design and merchandising and fashion design students put into their time at Drexel and in the Fashion Show.



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