Real World Visual Merchandising

By Erica Barry

Over spring break, I got the opportunity to work with the merchandiser of Carlisle and Etcetera in New York for a day. My sister works for their marketing department, and she told me how they were in the process of remerchandising their shop floor. The merchandiser allowed me to come in and help, knowing that I was a student looking to learn from professionals. She first assigned to me to merchandise tops, skirts, pants, jackets and dresses on a wall-bay. I mentally went through everything Kristen taught me in Visual Merchandising: put tops above bottoms, make outfits for the consumer, create a nice rhythm for the eye, etc. The merchandiser came around and gave me some pointers and suggestions. Here is what the completed wall-bay looked like:    IMG_4424

Since I finished the wall-bay relatively quickly, she then gave me a larger area to work on. This was much more challenging, because I had multiple fixtures and spaces that I needed to make cohesive. I felt overwhelmed at first, because I wasn’t able to get a clear vision in my head for what I wanted to do due to the amount of product and the multiple areas I had to work with. My first try at it didn’t go so well, but with a little direction from the merchandiser I got back on track was able to continue with more confidence. Here is what some of the completed fixtures looked like:

This experience showed me what it was like to work as a visual merchandiser. I was able to take everything I’ve learned from the D&M program and apply it to the real world. Granted, it was much more challenging working with actual clothes as opposed to paper clothing that we used in class.


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