Creating the Look

The smell of hairspray is in the air. Well maybe not everywhere, but it was definitely present in the URBN center this past week as we begin to get ready for the 2017 fashion show.

Each season we see the Hadid sisters on the runway sporting different looks from an array of different designers. We notice the designers garments but do we ever really stop to notice their glam? The models hair and make up is just as important a decision as to which garments will make it down the runway.

The Drexel fashion show is a little different. Instead of choosing a look that will work with one designers collection, we have to choose a look that will compliment 28 designers collections. The hair and makeup looks we choose must not only work for28 designers but last all day for two shows, pop under the lights, and be versatile to compliment the models different skin tones.

Our makeup and hair artist, Diane Dugan, first created a sketch before then demonstrating the look on one of our D&M Students. The hair was first pulled back and different makeup looks were tested until we finalized a look that we were satisfied with.

We chose a smokey eye look that will look great on all skin tones and be bold enough under the runway lights. As for hair, we chose to stick with what worked for our show in the past. That is a slicked-back, middle-part pony tail. The pony tail will be sleek enough to last all day and not get messy during the quick changes as our models walk multiple times throughout the show. For our ladies and men with short hair, our artists will gel and style their looks accordingly.

Want to see the final look? Check out the fashion show on Saturday, June 10th!

Tickets are available online Friday, April 21st for both shows. Our 4 PM show is priced at $30.00 a ticket and our 8PM show at $60.00. A wine and cheese reception will follow the 8 PM show. Check back soon for another blog post featuring the ticket link!






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