OPEN CALL: Drexel Fashion Show

Tyra Banks may not be present this week but that won’t stop us from picking the best models to walk in our show. 

Model go-see’s are this Friday. Each fashion show season we host go-sees and invite local Philadelphia modeling agencies as well as new hopeful models to come to our casting. Do you have what it takes?

The fashion industry takes a lot of hits when it comes to model diversity. Some models are too thin, some shows are too white. The truth of the matter is, choosing models is not an easy task as there is A LOT to consider.

At Drexel we first look at the type of collections our designers have created whether that be male or female, kids, teens or adults, as well as plus size and other specialty garments. We then look at the models composite card, or “comp cards”, which holds info such head shots as well as body measurements. It is imperative that their body measurements are accurate so they can fit into their designated garments with minimal alterations. After that, it is all about the walk. We prefer to use professional models as their walk tends to be better perfected. A walk must be energetic and solid, be able to match the beat of different music and help show off the garment. Other aspects we look at are their availability, professionalism and over all attitude. After all, we want models that are going to show up and get the job done, but also have fun!

Although the majority of our models are from agencies, we always make our casting an open call allowing hopeful models to come try out.  Check out our call sheet below and come find us in the URBN center on April 21st if you think you have what it takes.

open Model call.jpg


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