Sarah Oh Is makeup and Hair is just as important as the pieces on the runway?

Is makeup and hair just as important as what you wear? Today, we use makeup and hairstyles to express our style. Some argue that wearing too much makeup is fake and many people dislike the fact that it can transform someone. But the real argument is that is makeup a form of self expression? I personally wear makeup everyday. It not only accentuates my features but I use it as a form of expression. Depending on what I’m wearing, I base my makeup and hair look on the style I am going for. Many people always question why I wear my makeup everyday. My answer is that it makes me who I am. It is not because I want to be a “catfish” or make myself someone who I’m not but I do it for myself. Everyone has their own style and self expression to make themselves who they are and I believe sometimes makeup and hairstyles are the most important to making an outfit complete. Even in fashion shows, designers make makeup and hair just as important as to how they dress their models. Designers use makeup and hair to tell a story about their pieces. If you watch fashion shows, you can see how different designers have different makeup and hair for every new season of pieces they create. This is the reason to set a theme and tell a story with their pieces. It becomes just as difficult to pick the right look than just dressing a model for the runway.



Hello, my name is Sarah Oh. I currently attend Drexel University and is anticipating to graduate June 2017. I wanted to tell everyone a little about myself. To start off, I grew up as the first generation of Korean American. My parents were immigrants from South Korea. They came to America at around the age of 20 with little to nothing in their pockets. Eventually my parents settled down and decided to own their own dry cleaners. I grew up being around the dry cleaners after school and around the age of 12 I was helping my parents around the store. My mom was a seamstress and that's what sparked my interest with clothes and sewing. Even at such a young age, I would take scraps of fabric and sew anything I put my head to. My parents saw my passion and interest in art so they've been enrolling me in art classes up until my senior year in High school. At the age of 16, I desperately wanted a job in retail. But with a lot of searching and convincing , I was able to have the opportunity to work at a small boutique in my local mall and eventually ended up as assistant manager at age of 17. Now that I am a senior in college, I have learned so much about what I am passionate about and can't be any more thankful about the experiences I gained from college. If I can say that I believe that I was destined to work in the fashion world, I am a strong believer. I want to continue to grow as a person and do something I really love to do.

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