Do You Have What It Takes?

By Christina Frantz

We all fall in love with movies like The Devil Wears Prada and documentaries like The September Issue that talk about the fashion industry and what it is like to work for Vogue in particular, but all companies surrounding fashion. As many forms of media perceive, the fashion industry is extremely cut-throat and the word competition, is an understatement. Everyone fights to the death, it seems, to get recognized and to stand out from the rest, to become a world renowned designer or perhaps own a private label. But can it be, that what we see in movies happens in real life, in the fashion industry?

Well, all this was in fact confirmed this past week as the designers, fashion show production students and faculty all gathered for pre-selection or first looks for deciding what will and will not be seen in the 2017 show. As endless looks and collections were presented to the panel, we were able to see first hand, exactly what it takes to make the cut.

Many were turned away as it was one of their first years designing for Drexel. But they did not leave empty handed, they left with some of the best constructive criticism they could have been offered by the extremely talented panel of faculty members.

Those who did make the cut include the senior collections that these students of four years have put blood, sweat and tears into. The array of different styles, creativity, devotion, attention to detail, craftsmanship and unique taste is everything a designer needs to make it in this industry, and every single one of these seniors will not only make the cut, but will flourish in the tough world of fashion.

Help us celebrate the talented fashion designers of Drexel University by attending the annual fashion show on Saturday, June 10th.


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