By: Danielle Cox

Social media has grown and developed into a popular marketing and advertising tool. Last year the producers of the Drexel Fashion Show noticed a decline in ticket sales. The marketing/PR team for the Drexel Fashion Show 2017 has decided to use social media platforms in order to boost ticket sales.

We would like to post about the show in advance to get people excited and spread the word. We are in the process of creating a graphic design post that everyone can post and share advertising about the show. We can use the Facebook page for the Westphal college and go live the day of the show for small periods at a time. With this tool, we can show the setup and behind the scenes of what goes into producing and running a fashion show. The second goal would be to create a geo-tag Snapchat filter for the day of the show. The graphic for the filter would probably be the default graphic we’re using for this year’s show. Attendees can use the wonderful backdrops and scenery inside the Urban Headquarters as their backgrounds along with the geotag. With the geotag, attendees and students can create and save memories that will last a lifetime. Snapchat has been a popular app and majority of college students use it. This will be a good way to get attendees as well as people working at the show to get involved and post about it in real time.

By using social media as a marketing tool we are giving Drexel and the Fashion program free press in a way. Potential incoming students can also see these posts and it will show them that we are involved in new technology and social media.


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