Fashion As More than Just Clothing

By: Jazmine Fobbs

Events such as the Met Gala have the potential to demonstrate how fashion can be more than just clothing, but an art form. With the rise of fast fashion, it has become more commonplace to associate fashion items as solely commodity items. Designers have even made runway shows easier to access through ready-to-wear collections that are available to shop immediately after a show is over.

With this in mind, does that still leave space in the industry for haute couture and wearable art pieces? These types of collections have always been meant for a niche market, but is it possible that this niche market may have gotten smaller? The time, effort, and dedication that designers, such as our Drexel Fashion Design students, put into their collections help distinguish their garments as wearable art. The responsibility designers have is to carefully craft garments with considerations of textile, texture, shape, color, fit, and construction. The runway show will continue to be the platform for designers to showcase their art.

For our Drexel Fashion Design students, it will be a showcase for their capsule collections. Tickets for the show are available here. Join us on Saturday, June 10th, 2017 to recognize our up-and-coming designers.


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