When Drexel Fashion & The Yard Meet

By: Danielle Cox

For the past few years the Drexel Fashion show has been held at the Urban Outfitter’s Headquarters in the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, PA. This year we will follow suit and the show will be June 10, 2017. There will be two shows as usual, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

The Urban Outfitters Corporate Headquarters is the ideal venue for the show because of its unique aesthetic. The venue itself is a space for creativity, which is perfect for our graduating fashion designers to display their handmade collections. The space is 280,000 square feet and resembles a campus setting for all of Urban’s employees and brands. Many designers, buyers, patternmakers, illustrators, innovators and many other employees collaborate and work in the historic Navy Yard campus. Many different events have been held at this location in the past. The show will be held in the Urban building. The large windows will accent the show with natural lightening during the day and a lovely view of The Yard in the evening. The tall glass windows and raw design of the building make it unforgettable for visitors.

The stage will be elevated with two projecting screens in the back displaying the designer’s logo and/or inspiration for their collection. Large sketches from each designer will be hung on the wall for viewers to see on the way into the show. The best part about the space is that it is easy to change and manipulate depending on the type of event and number of people attending. The stage will be set up so that no matter what angle you are facing, you will have an exceptional view. The venue is also perfect for photography during the show to catch some of the highlights. 


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