Spotlight on Johanna Liao

By: Victoria Royce

Johanna is a senior Fashion Design Student whose senior collection will be showcased at the Drexel Fashion shows on Saturday June 10th. When asked this is how Johanna described herself, “As a woman of mixed race I have always held a unique outlook on life.  Studying fashion design at Drexel University has allowed me to explore my heritage and project my individualistic vision upon the world through the expression of style and dress.” In addition to her background she draws a lot of inspiration from mixed media artists, in particular Yayoi Kusama, Mickalene Thomas, and Nick Cave.

Johanna’s collection is a celebration of cultural diversity and female empowerment. The collection is wearable art comprised of a multitude of fabrics in bright, bold colors. Johanna explained her collection and the inspiration behind it as “my senior collection is driven by the mixing of many fabrics in one look, which is representative of many cultures coming together. I believe that cultural convergence is the future of innovative design, and this ideology serves as an underlying current that propels my creations.”

To learn more about Johanna and see her looks in person be sure to attend the Drexel Fashion Show Saturday June 10th!


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