Creating Fashion ’17 Program

By: Megan Robles

For this years Drexel Fashion Show I was responsible for designing the program. This booklet includes information such as the names all participating members,  details of the categories in the show, descriptions of senior and gradating collections and both personal businesses advertisements. I created the layout of the program in Adobe InDesign. This program made it easy to insert the various images and had the functionality to format the text.

When creating the program it was important to keep all of the files organized based on the type of content. For example, for advertisements we were selling three different sizes full page, half page and quarter page. As people were sending in personal and business advertisements I organized them into a folder system so that it would be easy to locate them and InDesign would be able to create a link with the image.

A portion of the designing the program was utilizing the created template and updating it with new information. Also, for the advertisements I had to organize them in a certain way so there would be no blank spaces. There was some design involved with personal advertisements for students. Some people just selected the size and supplied the text, which allowed me the opportunity to create the advertisement.

The 2017 Drexel Fashion Show is on Saturday, June 10th at the URBN Headquarters. Check out the Drexel Fashion Show ’17 preview on YouTube to get an inside look at this years show.


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