Steps towards the Drexel Fashion Show

By: Megan Robles

This year I had the opportunity to be part of the D&M team that does the planning and organizing for the Fashion Show at the end of the spring term. Leading up to the fashion show there are various deadlines that need to be met. One of these deadlines was judging and it happened three weeks before the big show on June 10th. During judging industry professionals view all of the garments and collections that will be presented in the show and determine which ones will receive an award. For the D&M students running the show this day is a dry run for what will happen the during the fashion show.

The night before judging the designers dropped off all of their garments with the D&M students because they were allowed at judging. The D&M team organized the garments on racks based on the model wearing them. Each model in the show has their own rack and the garments are arranged based on the order of the show. On the day of judging the D&M students, along with dressers from the D&M and Fashion Show programs, were responsible for dressing the models and organizing the line up so they can be presented to the judging panel. Once judging was completed the D&M team rearranged the garments so the racks were organized by designer instead of model. This made it an easier process when the fashion students came to pick up their garments. As each designer left with there garments the D&M team made sure it was marked off on the master list. We did the same thing when the designers dropped off the garments to make sure nothing got lost.

The Drexel Fashion Show is on Saturday, June 10th at the URBN Headquarters. Check out the Drexel Fashion Show ’17 preview on YouTube to get an inside look at this years show.



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