Spotlight on Briana Ayers

By: Brenna McGrath

Briana Ayers, a Drexel Fashion Design Senior, has been working hard for months to bring her senior collection to life. Her collection of swimwear is inspired by her customer, a fun-loving, sexy, and respectable young woman who is an influencer on social media sites. This girl spends her time traveling and enjoying night life. Briana is excited to see her collection, a major accomplishment through which she was completely free to showcase her talent and creativity, as it walks down the runway this Saturday afternoon and evening.

Briana has taken an interest in fashion since she was young, inspired by celebrities and the way they convey an image of beauty through their fashion choices. She firmly believes that when you look good, you feel good. She hopes to make women feel confident, comfortable and beautiful though her designs.

Briana describes herself as an “on trend” designer who is inspired by social scenes and her surroundings. She tries to stay relevant, salable and sexy in her designs. She has grown as a designer throughout her time at Drexel, learning to refine her style and adhere to the “less is more” mantra. She advises young and aspiring designers to follow their dreams, proving wrong anyone who tells them they can’t do what they want to do.

Below, you can see a sneak peak of the colorful fabrics incorporated into the collection. Congratulations, Briana!



  1. It is really impressive to see all the opportunities and experiences that these students are able to have, allowing their hard work and passion come into fruition. This will definitely lead them to a greater and grander path in the future.

  2. I love this collection! The holographic effect and silhouette material really added special touch on the products. They are very trendy and innovative!

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